Screenshot Of Two Tamil Film Heroines Locking Lips Goes Viral – Details Inside

The first look and teaser of Tamil film ‘Aadai’ has been released, thus sending social media into a tizzy. The film has come into the limelight for its bold content – especially a still that has actress Amala Paul locking lips with her love interest in the film, played by VJ Ramya.

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Though the scene itself is blink-and-miss, it is path-breaking in many ways to see a kissing scene between two women in mainstream Tamil cinema. Anurag Kashyap, too, took to Twitter to release the teaser of the film – saying that he is proud of it, and is waiting to watch the film and see the reaction of the purists to the film.

According to reports, Amala Paul was quite disillusioned with the industry and her work in it, until she came across Aadai. The actress has been overwhelmed with the response to her teaser, and shared the same on her Twitter handle as well.

Aadai is directed by Rathna Kumar and will release on July 19.

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