After 22 Years, Our Beloved Ash Ketchum Is Finally A Pokemon Master!

There’s only one thing Ash Ketchum wanted – To become a Pokemon master. We now let out a sigh of relief!

In the latest episode of Pokemon: Sun & Moon, the Pokemon trainer wins the championship competition of the Alola League. Yes, it is the first ever time Ash has won an official Pokemon League tournament! Yes, he is a Pokemon Master now!

The official Pokemon Twitter account tweeted, “Anything’s possible when you believe in yourself, Trainers.”

Veronica Taylor, the actress who voiced the original English version of Ash in the first eight seasons, sent her congratulations. “Congratulations to Ash Ketchum on winning the Pokémon League from Ash’s ‘younger’ self, circa 1998…yup, hard work, determination, good friends, and a bit of luck pay off!” she tweeted.

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