10 Love Songs That Will Calm Your Inner Demons On A Rainy Morning

There’s something so mesmerising about a rainy morning. Something so calming about tossing and tussling in bed to the pouring rain, moments before your alarm is due to buzz to a chaotic day ahead, peaceful yet. Something so alluring about just driving down the wet roads. What adds to the whole experience? A cosy playlist.

And there’s something about romantic tunes too, in love or not, they have a way to push us into the happiest of moods. Here are Bollywood’s best, in my opinion, that will take your worries away and having you singing along!

1) Tum Ho, Rockstar

2) Zara Sa, Jannat

3) Phir Mohabbat, Murder 2

Hugely listenable, this one will have you murmuring even the aaahs and hmmms.

4) Zara Zara, Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

This is a lyrical ballad for those lovers who love to nosedive into the feeling that love is!

5) Mere Bina, Crook

6) Tu Bin Bataye, Rang De Basanti 

7) Dil Ibaadat, Tum Mile

The words are touchy and the song is soothing, this one will make you want to rekindle an old romance.

8) In Dino, Life In A Metro

This song will have you thinking about the perils of a fast paced life and why you should rather be on a vacation on right now, because honestly that never needs a reason!

9) Sham, Aisha 

This song about blossoming of love is enthusiastically crafted and makes for a perfect sing along song!

10) Aaj Kal Zindagi – Wake Up! Sid

This song is the motivation you’ve been looking for to get through the weekday grind while having to go to work on a blissfully pleasant rainy morning! Sigh!

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