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10 Years Of ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’: The Film That Taught Us How To ‘Dance On Chance’

The movie that made us smile at the simplicity of its story, laugh at the craziness of its characters, cry at the sentiment of unfulfilled love, feel angry at the helplessness that is the situation, and dance with the happiness that is life! 

While Yash Raj Films posted video to celebrate the occasion, Anushka Sharma also tweeted out a fond post in memory of the movie.

Here’s a list of the most memorable scenes from the film, according to us.

1. Anushka Sharma’s Killer Thumka

2. Shah Rukh Khan Practicing His Secret Dance Moves

3. Shah Rukh Khan’s Play Acting With The Mirror

4. Shah Rukh Khan Going Overboard With Funny Expressions

5. Shah Rukh Khan’s Obsession With His Yellow Tiffin Box

6. And Subsequently, His Yellow Car!

7. When Taani Sees ‘Rab’ In Sahni

8. The Simple Pleasures Of Playing Holi With Each Other

9. Love Makes The World Go Crazy!

10. And Of Course, The Finale Performance! 

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