12 Movies By Mahesh Bhatt That Are A Must Watch

There are some directors who are a character’s director, but Mahesh Bhatt’s character are derived out of an innate sense of being Mahesh Bhatt. His complex concepts, his nuanced thinking of the human nature, his quest for love, his understanding of loss – Mahesh Bhatt as a director brought to fore characters that dabbled with the deepest of tragedies with comprehension, his characters were subjects of intrigue- how they navigated the system and their emotions. Much like in real life, which inspired one of the most intense of his reel projects, the man never shied from questioning the dominant normative, and breaking stereotypes. His proclivity to controversies was a mere coincidence owing to some of his bold choices.

Some of the most intense characters in popular Hindi cinema have come from within Bhatt’s movies, whether they were grieving parents, devastated wife, an anxious man. The performance that the actors delivered pushed them to edges of their own personalities that they probably didn’t know existed, and that’s what made Bhatt the director he is today.

Here are 12 movies by him that you need to watch in order to get a crash course in good cinema, complicated relations, and mysterious humans.

1. Lahu Ke Do Rang

2. Arth

3. Saaransh

4. Naam

5. Aashiqui

6. Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin

7. Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke

8. Gumraah

9. Sadak

10. Dastak

11. Tamanna

12. Zakhm


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