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14 Songs Of Emraan Hashmi Films That Became Love Anthems Of Early 2000’s

Hate them or love them – you can’t deny that the songs of Emraan Hashmi films are super catchy! Even with their risque portrayals, these are tunes you can hum to; tunes that will make you feel like the sky is blue-er and the grass is greener.

This is exactly what happened to an entire generation of people who grew up listening to Emraan Hashmi’s films’ songs. They could be used to describe any and every situation, feeling, and thought that comes to that generation when they think of the one they love!

Here are the 14 best songs from Emraan Hashmi’s films that became love anthems!

1. ‘Bheegey Honth Tere’ from Murder

We cannot even begin to explain what this song did to us! Sweet, sensual, and sexy all at once – there isn’t any other like it in the history of romance that Emraan Hashmi has given to Indian cinema.

2. ‘Mere Bina’ from Crook

Tujhko jo paaya, toh jeena aaya, how simply these six words have summed up the entire feeling of being in love!

3. ‘Woh Ajnabee’ from The Train

A song that, till date, crosses our mind when we see a cute stranger on the ride to our workplace!

4. ‘Pee Loon’ from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

This song is a timeless classic when it comes to romantic hits of Emraan Hashmi!

5. ‘Zara Sa’ from Jannat

Because what is love if it isn’t for this track from Jannat? After all, love is about the ‘Zara Si dil mein jagah’, right?

6. ‘Maahi’ from Raaz- The Mystery Continues

Love isn’t just about the happy moments! It has all kinds of feelings embedded in it, and that’s what Maahi is about.

7. ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’ from Gangster- A Love Story

The insanely beautiful lyrics and foot-tapping tunes that are this song, make it a historic track even outside of Emraan Hashmi’s romantic songs!

8. ‘Soniye’ from Aksar

Soniye is about all the longing that love entails, which the song so beautifully puts into words.

9. ‘Tum Mile’ from Tum Mile

The ecstasy that enters your life when you find a person who matches your dreams, your aspirations, your goals – is incomparable.

10. ‘Haan Tu Hain’ from Jannat

‘Meri baaton mein tu, saanson mein tu, iraadon mein tu hai’, love surely pervades all!

11. ‘Tu Hi Haqeeqat’ from Tum Mile

The romantic song with the most soulful lyrics, the most iconic moments, and the most memorable composition!

12. ‘Woh Lamhe’ from Zeher

Love is all about filling one’s life with little moments that add up and become special in life. Woh Lamhe captures the essence of that!

13. ‘Aap Ki Kashish’ from Aashiq Banaya Aapne

One of the classic Emraan Hashmi songs in this list, the song is timeless as it is relevant!

14. ‘Beete Lamhein’ from The Train

Visuals aside, this song recalls all the sweet memories of being in love!

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