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Aamir Khan Takes A Stand Against Sexual Harassment And Exits From A Film!

With more women narrating their experiences in the wide spectrum of sexual misconduct, the #MeToo Movement is spreading like a fierce blaze and scorching carefully built up reputations. Amidst all the alleged sexual harassment accusations sweeping the film industry, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and his wife and producer Kiran Rao lent their support to the movement. The couple posted a joint statement saying that their production house has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for sexual harassment and hence, they are moving away from a film in which someone involved has been accused of lewd behaviour.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were alluding to the Gulshan Kumar biopic ‘Mogul’ which the couple’s production house were set to produce and was to be directed by Subash Kapoor, who has been accused of sexually harassing actor Geeta Tyagi in 2012. Tyagi filed a case against Kapoor in 2014 and also released a video in which she can she can be seen slapping him in the presence of Kapoor’s wife.

Khan and Rao further said that they were not in any position to pass judgement on anyone but stressed that a clean-up of the industry is much needed.

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