Aamir Khan Joins The Thug Crew As ‘Firangi’

Finally! The last thug has boarded the ship and we cannot help but feel Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean has voyaged all the way to India. Aamir Khan’s look as Firangi in the upcoming YRF Thugs of Hindostan clearly conveys that he is the ultimate thug.

In the teaser, a splendid ship can be seen in the background with the focus gradually shifting to what appears to be a bottle of alcohol that Firangi is carrying. And finally we catch a glimpse of Firangi seated on a majestic horse and donning outlandish attire best suited for a pirate. The cheery and colourful Firangi seems a bit woozy as he positions himself to give an unsteady salute to his audience.


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