Long Before Ajay DevGn, Kajol Had A Crush On This Bollywood Co-Star

Karan Johar and Kajol have long been best of friends. Recently on a popular comedy show, the two spilled the beans on one another. 

Karan revealed that Kajol had a huge crush on Bollywood’s khiladi, her Yeh Dillagi co-star Akshay Kumar.

Talking about how he met Kajol, Karan said, “I met Kajol at another party, at the premiere of Henna movie. Kajol had a big crush on Akshay Kumar and was looking for him at the entire premiere and I was her support then. So both of us were looking for him at the entire event. While we didn’t find Akshay, but it was the beginning of our friendship. Both of us stayed in South Mumbai and that’s where our friendship developed further.”

Kajol added, “It was film party at a discotheque. Mr Johar arrived in a three-piece suit and I just couldn’t stop laughing, wondering what kind of a man wears that!” Kajol also revealed that her father wanted to name her Mercedes. “My father wanted to name me Mercedes. He thought that if a person can start a company by his daughters’ name, then why can’t I name my daughter that,” said Kajol.

Kajol Devgan was last seen on the silver screen in a cameo appearance in Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has two releases lined up this summer, Kesari and Good News, releasing on March 21 and July 19 respectively.

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