5 Times Akshay Kumar Posted The Sweetest Messages For Daughter Nitara

Fathers can’t compliment their daughters enough – and Akshay Kumar is no different. He leaves absolutely no stone unturned to shower his affection on his little one. Whether it’s flying kites  or playing with her in the pool, climbing trees or going on morning walks, for Akshay and Nitara, every day is a reason to celebrate the bond that they have! Here are five of the best messages Akshay Kumar posted for his daughter Nitara. 

1. When Akshay Kumar taught Nitara about kindness

Akshay and Nitara went out for a regular morning walk, but came back richer with a lesson in kindness! They walked into an old couple’s home for a sip of water – but they got a taste of some delicious ‘gur-roti’ cooked by them. “Being kind costs nothing but means everything!” wrote Akshay Kumar.

2. When he complimented her creativity on making the most out of a long journey

Akshay’s initial apprehension on taking his little one along on an exceedingly long train journey proved to be in vain. Nitara not just managed well, but she even build a tent around the berths of the train! The creative genes have indeed passed on to Akshay’s offspring!

3. When Akshay revealed the time that Nitara is the happiest!

Akshay Kumar revealed the secret to his happiness and that of his daughter’s too – that of being in each other’s arms! This was Akshay Kumar’s birthday post for his daughter and he wished her all the happiness in the world.

4. When they found their own little ritual to carry on for years to come

Akshay Kumar is not just in adulation of Nitara’s skills, but she is also his helper! Holding the manjha for him while his kite soared in the sky is their ‘ritual’. Sweet memories such are what keep the hearth of the relationship warm and strong.

5. When Akshay Kumar pleaded with Nitara to stop growing up so soon!

And finally… the one wish that every day has for his daughter! “My Baby Girl, you have given me Love I didn’t know existed. Please don’t grow up just yet, I’m not ready for you to swim without Me,” wrote Akshay Kumar, encapsulating in very few words the essence of a friendship that the duo share!

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