You Won’t Pick Up Your Phone While Watching ‘Section 375’, Says Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chaddha’s courtroom drama is based on ‘Section 375‘, a section of the constitution that defines rape as a criminal offence and the conditions under which it can be termed so. Akshaye Khanna plays a criminal lawyer named Tarun Saluja, while Richa Chaddha takes on the role of public prosecutor Hiral Mehta. The two warring factions come face-to-face, battling it out over a case of a director’s alleged rape of his costume assistant. 

Talking about her character in her film, Richa Chaddha said in an interview to Goodtimes

This is probably one of my few normal characters. I haven’t played any regular people. I’ve played gangsters, drug peddlers, prostitutes, traffickers. It’s the first time I’m playing a working woman. Which is why you feel I resonate with her – she has a righteous rage, although it could be juvenile. Maybe she’ll learn at the end of the film that she’s stupid. But for the time being, I think it worked for the character.

Akshaye Khanna says the best thing about the film that it is balanced in its view.

The film is balanced, it doesn’t take sides. But it forces you to take a side. It’ll force you to debate the issue in your own mind. If you’re watching the film and you don’t pick up your phone to check your messages, that’s an amazing achievement.

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Akshaye Khanna – Richa Chaddha’s Section 375 releases on September 13.

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