Husband Anand Ahuja Reveals Wife Sonam Kapoor Has A ‘Gujju Connection’

In conversation with GoodTimes, Anand Ahuja shares what’s a day like in the life of ‘Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’.

“When we are here, you know obviously she comes in here pretty often, when she’s in Delhi so that’s always nice. We go for walks. We are pretty boring that way. We can walk and talk and even when we hang out Nimish is just a lot of that over. She loves Gujarati food. So they bond over that,” begins husband Anand Ahuja.

Adding to the conversation, Nimish Shah who works closely with the duo said, “So the bonding and the conversations are mostly around food. With Sonam it’s always about the food. There’s always a platter. It’s always on the schedule. You see our lunch when Sonam arrives, like the two of us (Nimish Shah and Anand Ahuja) will eat out of our small little box of measured food and Sonam has it all out. Like she will literally eat a little bit of everything. So her day revolves around planning food, I think”.

Anand Ahuja then quipped, “Especially with him. Because the Gujju connection, I guess,” further revealing, “She says she was Gujju in her last life.”

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