Exclusive: This Is What Sonam Kapoor’s Husband Anand Ahuja Teases Her About

Caught in a conversation with GoodTimes, Anand Ahuja went on to make a revelation that’s rather funny. While there’s so much that he admires about his wife Sonam Kapoor, there’s one thing he doesn’t understand and one thing he would definitely never approve of. 

When asked which is that one fashion fad of his wife that he just can’t understand, Anand Ahuja shares, “She is pretty versatile. She wears sneakers very well. She wears heels really well. She loves her flats, generally.” He admires her style. But there’s one thing he teases her about. “Not clothes, I tease her because she gets all these, so many gifts and she’s always posting them. I’m so confused, you can’t post everything. I tease her about that.”

Anand Ahuja further adds, “But when she was younger, she had a very goth style. Black lipstick and stuff, I can’t picture that.”

Tune into an interview with Bhaane & Veg Non Veg’s Anand Ahuja and designer Nimish Shah as they discuss Sonam Kapoor, fashion, and Bollywood’s most stylish couple!

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