Arjun Kapoor Reacts To Malaika Arora’s Pregnancy Rumours

Arjun Kapoor and Malika Arora have never shied away from talking about their relationship and the duo have been giving us major couple goals ever since they made their relationship official. However, going public about your relationship also invites unwanted rumours. This time, fake rumours about Malaika’s pregnancy have been doing rounds on social media and Arjun Kapoor has reacted over the claims.

In an interview he opened up on how these rumours affect him. “Negativity is easier to do. I think it gets people to pay attention because that’s been building for a while. Listen, we are actors, our personal life is not always very private. There is a certain amount that exists and you have to be okay with it already joining the profession,” he was quoted as saying.

He also requested media houses to check the facts before publishing fake news. He said, “There might be that element that remains but I think we rely on you all to reach the audience.  We need you all to be at least cognizant of the fact that we are human beings. So, check with us once in a while if you’re going to write something that is very very important. At least do that much and I think that was all that I did. It was more about that it should be checked; it should not be assumed.

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika have been going strong as a couple and it looks like they haven’t let fake news affect their lives.

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