Ayushmann Khurana’s New Movie Trailer Got Us Biting Our Nails!

It is said that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind! There couldn’t be a better phrase to summarise our feelings towards this new movie trailer. The trailer of Ayushman Khurana’s latest film, Andha Dhun, is out. The trailer initially starts out by giving us a romantic comedy sort of feel. Ayushmann plays a blind pianist in the film, and guess who’s playing his love interest? None other than, wait for it, Radhika Apte! We are happily settled into our bean bags with a bowl of popcorn as we think we can predict the rest of the formulaic romantic comedy movie in a jiffy. But clearly, there’s more to the picture than meets the eye!


The blind Ayushmann Khurana gets involved with several thrilling incidents through the course of the film. Whether he likes it or not, this poor blind man is pushed into these unfortunate crimes and even seemingly incriminated for some of them. The gorgeous Tabu is also playing a vital clue to the case, as is her husband played by Anil Dhawan. The Sriram Raghavan directorial has also run several promotional tricks up its sleeves, as we can see through this poster.

The film also drops a hint towards some secrets that Ayushmann Khurana may be hiding about his disability. This makes us speculate and think as to what the angle of the film could be. Ayushmann turns out to be a key witness for several important cases- but the police is left helpless as they know he can’t see. Or could it be that Ayushmann was never blind in the first place?

Releasing 5th October, this film has surely given us the jitters already. Watch the trailer and see for yourself!