“Mauka Bhi Hai Aur Dustoor Bhi” : Ayushmann Khurrana Gets Talking On Twitter AMA

Ayushmann Khurrana’s next film ‘Bala’ is around the corner, and the actor decided to do a Twitter ‘Ask Me Anything’ session in a buildup to the film because ‘mauka bhi hai aur dastoor bhi’. He took to Twitter to ask his followers to ask him anything because it had been a while since he hadn’t done such a session on his profile. 

The Exchanges And The Pleasantries

It all began with some sweet exchanges of hi’s and hello’s. Ayushmann replied to a follower who wished to be greeted with a ‘hi’, surprising him with a hug instead! He further spoke about which book he’s currently reading, the secret of his smile and so on and so forth – replying with subtle wit and sharp sarcasm.

The Work Revelations

There were some interesting things Ayushmann Khurrana said on the work front as well. From being a Shah Rukh Khan fan to showering praises on Aamir Khan, from prepping for Bala to revealing his favourite Roadies judge – Ayushmann revealed it all. PS – there was an inside secret that Ayushmann shared as to how he manages to do such a large number of films every year, scroll till the end to see what he said!

Wishes And Bucket Lists

Films are not all on the actor’s list. In fact, they never have been! He has often shared the ‘shayar’ side of his on his social media, and the actor admitted that he is toying around with the idea of writing his own book with couplets and poetry in it. He also revealed his all-time favourite couplet!

Family Ties And Brotherhood

As for his brother Aparshakti Khurrana, he couldn’t stop praising him. The actor called him ‘the best brother in the world’ and admitted that he is his ‘best and worst critic’.

Ayushmann Khurrana ended the Twitter AMA with a ‘see you soon’ note, asking his followers to go watch his film ‘Bala’ hitting theatres soon!

Directed by Stree director Amar Kaushik, Bala releases on November 8. The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar and Yami Gautam in lead roles.

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