Bhuvan Bam Thinks He Looks Uncannily Similar To Alia Bhatt, Do You Agree?

YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam shared pictures from a recent photoshoot. While the pictures were typically Bhuvan Bam style, there was something funny about the pictures that incredibly stood out. It was his stunningly similar looks to actress Alia Bhatt! The YouTube star himself shared the picture, with the uncanny resemblance.

“That was the first thing I said to the photographer when I saw it: Damn! I think I look like Alia,” wrote Bhuvan Bam. Seeing the photo actually makes one think that Bhuvan Bam has photo-shopped and morphed his face with Alia Bhatt’s. Fans agreed whole-heartedly, and even made memes to substantiate their claim. They called him a ‘bearded’ Alia Bhatt, and even said that this was Alia Bhatt after ‘No-Shave November’! Moreover, Bhuvan Bam came up with a reason why he began to resemble Alia, which he shared in a later tweet.

“Please let’s go for a coffee date because I’ve started looking like my crush!” wrote Bhuvan Bam in the tweet. Thus, he not only admitted to the resemblance, but also confessed his crush! As for Alia Bhatt’s reply to his all-out proposal, we’re still waiting.. but the actor had to share an anecdote as well. An entertainment portal actually teased Bhuvan Bam for his reaction to the picture, saying that ‘his reaction could make Ranbir Kapoor jealous’. To this, Bhuvan Bam responded by saying, “No it won’t. I showed him the photo and he was surprised but pretty chill.”

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