5 Celebrity ‘Daamad-Sasur’ Relationships That Are Simply In-Law #Goals

Actor Anil Kapoor recently posted a picture with his ‘daamad’ Anand Ahuja that instantly went viral – mostly because of Anil’s killer looks, but also because it was a really sweet post saying ‘boys will be boys’. This, of course, led us to finding more such ‘sasur-damad’ goals – and did we find gold! Keep scrolling.

1. Akshay Kumar & Rajesh Khanna

The OG of Indian Cinema, Rajesh Khanna, to whom son-in-law Akshay Kumar paid a really sweet tribute, on his birth anniversary. ‘While growing up, I’d heard fascinating tales of his super-stardom’ wrote Akshay Kumar.

2. Ranveer Singh & Prakash Padukone

The jodi of Ranveer Singh and his ace badminton player father-in-law Prakash Padukone! Who do you think is the better looking man?

3. Saif Ali Khan & Randhir Kapoor

We’ve seen Saif chilling with his wife Kareena’s dad Randhir at family dinners, Christmas lunches, and just generally as well.

4. Anand Ahuja & Anil S Kapoor

Anil S Kapoor and Anand Ahuja post pics together every now and then. And in the latest one, Anil Kapoor not-so-secretly referred to himself as a ‘boy’ in the caption, and we totally agree with him!

5. Dhanush & Rajnikanth

The star damaad-sasur jodi of southern India, Rajnikanth and Dhanush share a lovable camaraderie in real life as well.

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