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#FirstLoveLessons: 9 Bollywood Songs That Fit Every Relation-Stage

AH!!!! The first time we fell in love. It is crazy how the ‘AH’ can literally go all ways – from a dreadful scream to a tune-changing ‘aw’! The ups and downs, the highs and the lows, it was quite a roller-coaster ride. We anticipated, we laughed, we were scared, we screamed, we cried, we still enjoyed and then, we even looked back. Here, we bring you some Bolly songs that are totally relatable at every stage of a relationship! 

1. When Cupid Strikes A Bow

…without even you knowing it, it’s done. You’re doomed. But in more of a ‘gun loaded with flowers’ kinda doomed (For now, at least!)

2. When You Finally Get To Call Your Bae


“Kaise hua? kab hua bro?”  It’s super hard for your troop to believe it!

3. When Love Is Changing Your Life In New Ways

Remember when you thought you knew exactly who you were, right until they walked into your life? And then, once they found a cozy seat, they showed you all that you’re capable of.

“Like, who knew I could like bhindi”

“Who knew I could eat karela too and whine about it for a week?

4. When You Are High On Love

New love is like smoking crack cocaine, it’s a fact! The most intense sense of being alive comes with the rush of a newfound love!


5. When You Fight And Break-Up, But Make-Up Soon After

The first time you broke up (we mean in the same relationship before those 10 other serious breakups and 20 casual ones) is heart-wrenching. But the patch up makes us fall in love all over again! UGH!

6. The Pain Of Wanting Someone Is Too Real

“Bhai, yahi hota hai pyaar! Aur karle!”

7. And When You Go To Your BFF For Some Therapy!

(But they obviously don’t believe the fact that you are REALLY broken on the inside)

8. But The Missing Is Real Too!

Have you been recollecting the good times? Have you been missing all the fights? Is it really them you’re missing? ARE YOU THINKING OF CALLING THEM? CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

9. And Now Your Anthem is…

NOW YOU’RE A PRO! A little more mature, you know the importance of communication, you know the “romantic-honeymoon phase” will end and that love is what comes after.

Remember, you’re the most attractive when you are an unfiltered version of yourself.


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