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‘Pihu’ To ‘Bhootnath’: Bollywood’s Best Offerings With Children As Protagonists

Children’s movies are the unexplored genre of Bollywood. There are a few children-centric movies that come out every now and then, but are they really what Bollywood needs? Exploring the mind of a child requires great care and diligence, and there are very few movies that make the mark in this respect. Here are some of Bollywood films that really took the time and care to craft stories that feature children as protagonists. 

1. Pihu

What does a four-year-old do when he or she is left alone at home? That’s a question this film seeks to answer. The film is about to release soon, and it is a gripping story and has an even more gripping trailer attached to it! Furthermore, this is among the first films which features a single child actor as the protagonist.

2. Taare Zameen Par

The heart-wrenching tale of an 8-year-old child who has dyslexia, due to which he silently suffers both academically and emotionally. His art teacher later recognizes the disability and helps him cope with it. This film touched the heartstrings of many- all while having a child leading the project.

3. Stanley Ka Dabba

Stanley’s cute little story about how he doesn’t have a lunch box to bring to school every day is about as relatable as a child-based story can get. The film’s simple plot-line and beautiful performances struck a chord with many, reminding them about their school days.

4. Chillar Party

This Indian family comedy is about children taking heads on the political honchos to fight for a friend when his life is put in jeopardy. All the children really want is just this- to be children. The film witnesses these children’s fight against the big bad world, to get what they want.

5. Bhootnath Returns

The sequel to the much-acclaimed ‘Bhootnath’, this film had Amitabh Bachchan as a ghost who is on a mission to redeem himself by scaring children. Taking on the notion that children are inherently foolish and run away from ghosts, ‘Bhootnath Returns’ was an endearing film.

While these films have been released for children in the Bollywood sphere, much still needs to be done. Child-centric movies need to be taken more seriously in the film industry- and why not? Considering that our population is so young, why should Bollywood Masala movies be the only pick of the day for children? Though a lot is being done and Indian animated movies are coming up regularly now- we hope that this genre is much more populated in the future!



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