Bollywood Moms On Breastfeeding Struggles & The Lack Of Freedom To Feed

Bollywood marked the breastfeeding week, that began on August 1, in a unique way; actor Neha Dhupia launched a campaign ‘Freedom To Feed’, that demands a freedom for women to be able to breastfeed their babies, unapologetically, without being the target of snarls and scrutinising eyes.

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it’s been 8 months since I embarked on this rollercoaster and there is no better time than now to talk about how truly grateful I am for all the joy that our little one has brought into our lives…motherhood like all else hasn’t been easy… the sleepless nights, the feeling like a food source ,the blues are all a part of this wonderful package. Its amazing how the mommy brain can do so many things at the same time and works on autopilot …like resting the baby’s head jus right , knowing when she is done with her feed and ofcourse becoming the burping expert of the world . I breastfed 🤱 Mehr exclusively for 6 months and still continue to do so … It truly made me realise the value of a wonderful support system that I have and sometimes the lack of it and also the lack of facilities . Like once I was on a plane and had to feed her , and I literally had to take her to the washroom and was only hoping that the seat belt sign does nt come on before she is done …of course I came out n apologised for using the washroom for so long… now here’s the real deal … I honestly don’t understand the consciousness behind doing something so right n so beautiful. Im also super grateful for all the amazing people in my life for making this journey easier but the truth is I know I’m not alone in feeling that there has to be a slight shift in our mentalities, in the fact that we need more facilities for breast feeding moms with their babies or even their breast pumps …and the only way this can happen is if we start a conversation… I want to encourage moms like you and me whether breast feeding or not , to share their story … tag me @nehadhupia and use the hashtag #freedomtofeed 🤱and I promise to share story with my little world. 💕 … @freedomtofeed

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Neha Dhupia floated the campaign with a video in which the actor talks about her journey as a new mother, the roller-coaster ride that it has been along with how important it is to breastfeed one’s child during the first six months, as Esha Gupta, Sophie Choudry and Ashish Parmar reacted to her powerful message.

To a leading publication, Neha revealed, “Once when we were on an outdoor shoot, I had to go behind a tree to feed Mehr. The facility of nursing rooms should be made mandatory in public spaces. Often, mums quit breastfeeding soon after giving birth because they have to go to work. I would feed Mehr on set and fortunately, everyone around was so understanding.” Dhupia also urged other women to come out with their stories and struggles of breastfeeding.

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New dads & loved ones listen up! Its World Breast feeding week and this post is for you to know that you can be the biggest support and encouragement to a new mom! A mother may be depressed, lacking in confidence, worried, or stressed and it affects breastfeeding. These factors do not directly affect her milk production, but can interfere with the way in which she responds to her baby. This can result in the baby taking less milk, and failing to stimulate milk production. So be there for her . ❤️ Understanding the pressure on her physically and emotionally is the best thing you can do. Nothing like feeling loved at such an overwhelming time. 🙌🏻 . I would also like to give a shoutout to moms who have struggled with low milk production . This could happen due to a pathological reason including endocrine problems or a host of other factors .A few mothers have a physiological low breast-milk production, for no apparent reason, and production does not increase when the breastfeeding technique and pattern improve. There is no reason to shame them or make them feel any pressure in not being able to BF. we need to support all mothers and show love and respect 🍼. . #worldbreastfeedingweek2019 . @WABA_global @who @unicefindia

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Joining her then came Sameera Reddy, who took to her social media handle to encourage new mothers. Soha Ali Khan also lent support to Neha Dhupia’s campaign as she narrated an incident from her life. She recalled, “As a working parent, I found myself having to pump in the oddest of places. I have pumped in an airplane bathroom. When the seatbelt signs came on, I had to hurriedly dismantle everything, spilling lots of very precious breast milk along the way. When I came out and made it back to my seat, the air hostess asked me if I was doing my make-up inside. I was like, ‘Uh…no.'”

Soha wonders why breastfeeding is frowned upon. She further added saying “I think that they are doing something that is incredibly valuable, scientific and incredible. It really needs to be supported, as opposed to being shunned”.

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#This story has my heart ❤️🤱… big kiss on your little girls forehead .. i send you all my love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #freedomtofeed #Repost @pooja_and_norah with @get_repost ・・・ #freedomtofeed My breastfeeding journey with Norah was a very difficult one. Post the diagnosis I took it upon myself that I had to find a way to connect with her and breastfeeding being the most sacred bond that can exist between a mother and a child, felt the most natural way to connect with Norah. . Due to low muscle tone Norah found it difficult to latch and my incapacity to be comfortable around her too didn’t make it easy for her.I was trying really hard to connect with her. I was trying really hard not to see the diagnosis but that’s all I saw.Norah not being able to latch made me feel like I was failing as a mom already. She wasn’t bonding with me either just like I wasn’t connecting with her. All this was in my head clearly,I know that now but I couldn’t think rationally then. . I was talking to other moms who were successfully breastfeeding their infants with Down Syndrome and enjoying bonding with their kids. That made me feel incompetent that Norah doesn’t love me and she can sense me not able to love her right now. She can see me fail as a mom. . @greenmomsindia helped me immensely then. For 8.5 months Dr.Mugdha helped me with Norah because for 8.5 months I didn’t give up on trying to Breastfeed Norah. Every single day,every single feed I would sit to breast feed and fail. . I would pump 8 times a day because I wanted to exclusively give her Breast milk only to help her build her immunity. In between the pumping sessions I would try to get Norah to latch as well and fail everytime. . Just when we were close to achieving this milestone,Norah aspirated- milk in her lungs while she tried to breastfeed!! Another failure!! . Time and again I failed but I never gave up, I was able to successfully breastfeed Norah for a few days before she aspirated. That joy of achieving that with Norah was bigger than all the struggles I had for 8.5 months. . I cherish those few days the most, because I chose to feed!! . This maynot be a path that I am saying needs to be taken by everyone because this is

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Neha Dhupia also shared a few beautiful stories of other mothers on her Instagram handle that are sure to inspire.

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