Guess The Names Of These Bollywood Celebrities From Their Childhood Pics

Bollywood celebrities have time and again been sharing throwback pictures of themselves – the most recent ones being Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor! This, obviously sent us on a search spree, looking for the oldest pictures of the newest celebrities. And we challenge you to figure out who they are! 

See the chubby little kid in the middle? That’s Janhvi Kapoor! Didn’t get this right? Here’s the next one –

Saif Ali Khan being in the picture is a clear giveaway. Sara Ali Khan in her pre-teen years looked sooo cute! This was shared by the fan in the picture on the left as a throwback picture with the father-daughter duo.

Don’t let this seemingly innocent looking boy fool you – his eyes give away the antics running inside his brain! Yes, it’s none other than Vicky Kaushal. Could you have imagined this little boy would become a star with his film Uri? How about the next one?

You cannot NOT guess who this cute little boy with braces is! Guys, it’s Arjun Kapoor being the happy elder brother he still is.

Don’t let Jackie Shroff in the picture fool you. The baby in the picture is none other than – Student of the Year 2 debutante – Ananya Panday! And wondering what Tiger Shroff looked like? Well, here’s a hint – he’s in one of the upcoming pictures.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Tiger Shroff as a little baby! Ain’t he just soooo adorable?

Wondering who this little doe-eyed baby is? It’s Kiara Advani! She hasn’t changed much, we’d say.

Ishaan Khatter is the baby in his mother’s arms – grinning like always!

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