‘Circuit’ To ‘MC Sher’: 7 Bollywood Characters Who Should Get Their Own Films

There are the all-pervasive protagonists, there are villainous antagonists – characters who are adulated and hated in equal measure. Then, there are characters who stay on in our memories, long after we have seen the film even though they aren’t present in the film in binary roles of heroes or villains.

These are characters who we liked to see on screen in our favourite Bollywood flicks, and somehow their presence on the silver screen left us wanting more! We wanted to know where exactly they came from, what was their lineage, their family history, their childhood – basically everything about them that we couldn’t quite absorb from an appearance so perfunctory! Here are 7 characters from our favourite Bollywood films that we feel deserve a spinoff of their own.

1. Circuit from Munnabhai

We all know the story of how Munnabhai became the bhai of Mumbai, but what about his best buddy Circuit? The most beloved friend, the staunchly devoted Circuit – where did his utmost loyalty stem from and how did he come about to be known as the right-hand man of Munnabhai? Munnabhai sure found his love, but did that ever happen to Circuit?

2. MC Sher from Gully Boy 

Though some of MC Sher‘s family background and history were revealed in the film, his flawless mentorship to Murad‘s character left us asking for more! Imagine a film with just the story of how MC Sher became what he was in Gully Boy. So cool, right?

3. Madame Sir from Bharat

There are very few characters in Bollywood films that have strong female characters, and Kumud Raina from Bharat was one of them! We would surely love to see her in a film of her own, right?

4. Bob Biswas from Kahaani

This was one character who stole your night’s sleep! Seemingly inconspicuous, but deadly and how – Bob Biswas from Kahaani is a serial killer at its deadly best, someone who would do great in a feature film of his own.

5. Chand Nawab from Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The loving reporter who nobody takes seriously until he breaks the internet with a story of his own – sounds like the perfect formula for success at the box office!

6. Rajat from Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Apart from the all-time favourite monologue from the film – there were a lot of things that made Kartik Aaryan’s character relatable. These very characteristics catapulted him into the limelight overnight for being the distraught boy next door! Imagine a film with just him and his funny and quirky take on everything in life, wouldn’t it be a sure shot recipe for success?

7. Sonia from Rang De Basanti

The ever-patient, loyal, and dedicated Sonia from Rang De Basanti – she was the one who would never ever leave your side! It was her strength that bound the film together, and her love that brought everything back to normal. Wouldn’t we all love to see a spinoff of her character in the film?

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