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Read: Deepika Padukone Pens Down Her Struggle With Depression In A Letter

Back in 2015, Deepika Padukone braved her suffering in front of the world. Deepika came forward to share that she has been battling anxiety and clinical depression. 

Just a few days before her wedding with now husband Ranveer Singh, Padukone penned down in a letter her feelings, her struggles. 

The handwritten note will soon be published in the 22nd anniversary issue of Elle India. “A few days before her wedding @deepikapadukone wrote a letter addressing her struggle with anxiety and depression, for our 22nd Anniversary Issue. By publicly talking about her own battles, she empowered many to reach out and seek help. Her letter is full of empathy and kindness, a reminder that (in the words of Stephen Fry) ‘it will be sunny one day’.”

The opening paragraph of Deepika’s letter read, “As some you know, in the summer of 2014, I was diagnosed with anxiety x clinical depression. Fortunately, timely professional help coupled with the support of caregivers around me, empowered me towards the power of recovery. As I began to read more about the subject, I realized that there were millions of others like me who were suffering in silence.”

Thereafter in 2015, Actress, Deepika Padukone founded the Live, Laugh Love Foundation to create awareness about stress, anxiety and depression.

Deepika forges in force to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. A few weeks ago, she launched a beautiful campaign called #NotAshamed. Survivors of mental illness came forward to share their stories in order to encourage and empower others to seek help.







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