Watch: Deepika Padukone’s Expression Is Priceless As Hrithik Roshan Feeds Her Cake

At a star-studded get-together held recently, the paparazzi captured Hrithik Roshan feeding cake to Deepika Padukone – what caught the audiences attention, however, was the manner in which the actress was being fed, and, of course, her priceless expression to the same.

In the video, Deepika can be seen keeping the label-standee of the slice of chocolate cake on her head, and balancing it while he feeds her the same. Hrithik then asks her if she wants a second bite, to which she says yes, but instead of giving her the bite, Hrithik eats it himself. Deepika, in the meanwhile, continues smiling at the actor, almost appearing to blush.

The two actors then pose together for the cameras, leaving everyone wondering what exactly happened. It was earlier being reported that Deepika Padukone would be paired opposite Hrithik Roshan in an upcoming remake of the Amitabh Bachchan – Hema Malini classic, Satte Pe Satta. 

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