Deepika Padukone Shares A Glimpse Of Her Family Chat, & This Is What Ranveer Singh’s Name Is Saved As!

In a recent Instagram post, Deepika Padukone shared a screenshot of her family WhatsApp group that includes her husband Ranveer Singh, parents Prakash and Ujjala Padukone and in-laws.

As per the exchange of messages, the family is seen praising Ranveer Singh after they watched a recent interview of the actor, who replies, “Nice to have this feedback”.

The duo has never shied away from some social media PDA, sharing the post Deepika Padukone wrote, “And this is how we roll… Whenever anyone in the family has a big day, the rest of us tune in. Like in the case above. Everyone appreciated an interview my husband did recently. Similarly there are times when we get pulled up or get given feedback on what we could have done differently or better. And that to us is the most valuable! #family (sic).”

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