Deepika Padukone Reveals All That She’s ‘Discovered’ About Ranveer Singh After Marriage

Deepika Padukone graces yet another international cover. Looking stunning as ever, the actor took to her Instagram to share a couple of pictures from her shoot. Her husband Ranveer Singh who is her biggest fan dropped funny comments that could very well be Deepika Padukone’s captions. 

“This is the ‘Is this any time to come home?’ glare,” he wrote in the comments on a portrait where Deepika Padukone dons an intense expression.

“That look when the Rassam is on its way to the table,” Ranveer Singh wrote on another post.

Talking about her relationship with the actor, Deepika Padukone got candid about her views with the fashion magazine. Although the two dated for 6 years before they finally tied the knot, the couple didn’t move in with each other until after their marriage.

“There was a lot of temptation to move away from the traditional, especially for the two of us, who are constantly traveling, but it was important to me,” Deepika Padukone narrates. “Ranveer has always been okay with whatever. He’s always said, ‘Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.’ But for me, it’s about wanting to do everything at the right time. It’s how I saw my parents do it, so I didn’t know any other way.”

As Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone inch closer toward their one-year anniversary, Deepika Padukone feels it’s one of the best decisions the couple has made together. “If we had started living together earlier, then what would we be discovering later on?” she asserts. “That’s what this year has been—living together and discovering each other. I like to say we made the best decision of our lives. I know people are cynical about marriage, but that hasn’t been our experience. We believe in the institution, and we’re enjoying every bit of it.”


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