Dia Mirza Announces A Brand New Venture On The Occasion Of Her Birthday

Dia Mirza has an exciting news for her fans on her 38th birthday; the actor is starting her own production house! 

Her venture is called One India Stories LLP. Dia Mirza plans to use different formats and mediums to bring meaningful content to viewers.

“We plan to collaborate with some incredible individuals from different film industries and also have women-led stories as part of the roster,” Dia Mirza said, adding that she has been in conversation with multiple content creators, script writers and filmmakers.

“I believe in the power of ONE and that we are all bound by the thread of oneness and humanity. One India Stories is formed with this thought. We want to create stories that will make you pause and think, stories that will remind us of our connection to each other and the planet, stories that will make us watch and reflect. It’s a very special start for me, something I’ve always wanted to do and I hope we are able to showcase our vision in every story we create”, she added.

The actor also has a production company, Born Free Entertainment Private Limited, which she had launched along with Sahil Sangha in 2011.

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