Life Is Quite Blessed: Dulquer Salmaan On Being The Son Of Superstar Mammootty

Caught in an interview with GoodTimes, The Zoya Factor’s Nikhil Khoda aka Dulquer Salmaan opened up on whether it was difficult for the actor to carve an identity or things came easy because his father’s an actor too. Read through.

Dulquer Salmaan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and worked as a business manager before he ever thought of acting in films.

Dulquer Salmaan is the son of much celebrated star Mammootty. His father, in a career spanning four decades, has appeared in over 400 films. Talking about his filmy background the actor shares, “I think my dad was definitely weary of me getting into the movies because as parents they are generally very protective. He’s like, I know it can be a dark place, people can be mean, not makers but people you know, reviews can be mean, movie lovers can be mean.”

The actor goes on to express, “End of the day, I’m sure there’s a certain fondness for me that comes from being from my family and my father’s son. So in certain films like my second film was very family based film. I’m the youngest of 5 kids and I have 4 sisters in the film,” he says as he talks about his 2012 film Ustad Hotel.

“So those things kind of endeared me to people’s homes, in some way I am family to them and when I work hard and I’m trying my best they really are encouraging and supportive, so I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing then of course there are the haters there are those who say these things come too easily, your fan base is your father’s things like that.”

“At the end of the day, amazing opportunities I get this amazing life,” he adds. “Yeah no complaints, it’s not fair for me to say it’s a struggle, it’s quite blessed.”

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