Actor Esha Gupta Reveals Bollywood’s Double Standards In This Tell-All Interview

Jannat 2 actor Esha Gupta says Bollywood tends to brush real issues under the carpet, because most of its members are from within the industry, and ‘even if they know it, they still ignore it’.

“It’s sad to see that the Indian society that calls its country ‘Maa’, and we don’t respect women”, she says.

Upon being asked if she has seen any change in the industry ever since women have started raising their voice, she said – It’s all going to go back to square one. As a country our problem is that ‘humara problem nahi hai, chup raho’.

The fact that it’s not happening to you now, does not mean that it can never happen to you. Most of them are from the industry so they know that it won’t ever happen to them. I also feel that somewhere they know it, but they still ignore it. I like how Hollywood stood for #MeToo. But over here, half the time it’s blame game.

Watch Esha Gupta’s full interview, below.

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