EXCLUSIVE: Ali Fazal Confirms ‘Mirzapur’ Season 2

Ali Fazal is here with his next film ‘Milan Talkies’, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and starring Shraddha Srinath. The film is a romantic-comedy based on the magic of single-screen cinemas in the bygone era. In a recent interview with GoodTimes, when Fazal was asked about returning to Mirzapur 2, he confirmed, “Yes, I am going back to it.” He further talked about his experience working for the first season. Read on! 

On being asked whether Ali Fazal prefers working for films such as Milan Talkies or for OTT platform shows such as Mirzapur, he said, “I think both have their limitations, and sometimes – freedom! The web was the first time for me, that it was on such a big scale.” Ali Fazal further said that enduring the shooting on such a large scale required great amounts of patience and mental fortitude. Fazal said, “It was a big patience game for me. It was like shooting three films together!”

“I had to come back. Films feel like home. Films, theatricals – I felt more at ease here,” explained Fazal, since his core training in acting had always been from plays and theatricals he used to participate during school days. When Fazal was asked why he chose Milan Talkies to make a comeback from his foray into the digital space, he said, “It was because of the story; it was a nice, sweet story.” Fazal added, talking about Mirzapur, “That was just three months of sheer madness. Hardcore gymming, and action, and all of that!”

However, when implicated that his character in Mirzapur, ‘Guddu’, was all about the gymming – Fazal contradicted the thought. “Mirzapur was not about the gymming. I don’t like that notion that actor gym karrke ban gaya. I was hoping that people shift it to my face. I detest that,” explained Ali Fazal.

He further explained the thought process he went through while playing his character in Milan Talkies vis-a-vis that in Mirzapur. “Which is why my fight was to make ‘Annu’ the most normal person, not the quintessential hero in a love story with all the ‘cuts’ and the ‘pecs’,” laughed Fazal.

Milan Talkies is a romantic comedy set in the era of single-talkies cinemas. Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia of Paan Singh Tomar fame, the film also marks the debut of popular South actress Shraddha Srinath. Watch the full interview here –