EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor Feels Like There Is So Much To Learn From Fatherhood, It Could Fill Up A Whole Book!

Shahid Kapoor is all set to return to the silver screen in ‘Kabir Singh‘; with his portrayal of a jilted lover who turns into a raging alcoholic, along with Kiara Advani who plays his love interest. While this is not the first time Shahid Kapoor will be seen in a romantic film, his character in ‘Kabir Singh’ comes with a certain edge to it.

In an exclusive interview with GoodTimes, Shahid Kapoor said that he has worked in a love story like Jab We Met and an edgy thriller like Udta Punjab earlier, but this is the first time that he is playing an edgy character in a love story!

According to Shahid Kapoor, it is important for cinema to constantly invent and innovate with characters who are strongly rooted in reality. The Kabir Singh actor spoke about the same in the interview-

I don’t know why we keep making films about characters that are perfect! I’m fortunate that filmmakers like Vishal Bhardwaj. Whether it was Abhishek Chaubey in Udta Punjab, or Kabir Singh, I’m really thankful to these filmmakers. Stories which are real, raw also allow actors to showcase themselves and be able to represent the character with its complete. Otherwise characters are so single dimensional because you’re just trying to make people happy.

So is an ideal film the one which has flawed characters? Or is a successful film only built out of tragedies? What is the formula for balance between comedy and tragedy? Shahid Kapoor elaborates-

Of course there are many happy moments in the film, but that cannot be the only thing. Life has so many shades, cinema has to be a reflection of life and these characters allow you to do that. I am fortunate that these roles have come to me, and whenever I get the opportunity with both my hands because that is what I’m waiting to do. I have major respect for actors, music directors who create out of nothing.

Is Shahid Kapoor anything like his character Kabir Singh in the film? Shahid Kapoor laughs that one should ask his wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor for an answer to that question! On being further questioned, Kapoor elaborates-

I’m a very passionate person, also about the movies I do. I’m fundamentally driven by passion. Of course, there is this need to achieve, so obviously I’m ambitious – but the thrust of my engine comes from passion. This holds true for my relationships, my work, my spiritual beliefs, my friendships, everything.

Shahid Kapoor is also father to two beautiful children post marriage to Mira Rajput Kapoor! Has fatherhood altered his outlook in any way? Or has it given him some fresh perspective onto life? Shahid Kapoor says it has changed him a lot, in more ways than one could imagine!

Everybody asks this question, I feel like it’s a book! At every level, every day you change so much, learn so much. Children are the best source of pure, unadulterated energy.

Shahid Kapoor feels it’s important that everyone experiences parenthood in their own lives, as it is the single relationship that is handed to us with a clean sheet. The actor speaks-

When you’re born, so many relationships have already been given to you! I’m 38 right now, so every relationship I have has already been written. Many chapters of every relationship have been written, and suddenly you get this new relationship which you can start from a clean sheet – like the first page of a book. The prerogative lies with you, as a parent because your child is too small to decide how to write it. That is a privilege, and I can write it well. My children grow up to be happy, positive, responsible people and individuals in their own rights.

Kabir Singh is the Hindi remake of the Telugu film Arjuna Reddy. It hits theatres on June 21.

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