EXCLUSIVE: There Is Going To Be ‘Gully Boy 2’, Zoya Akhtar Confirms

As ‘Gully Boy’ continues to sing its song of success at the box office, and garnering praise for the stellar performances by the cast, here is some good news. Zoya has confirmed that a sequel of ‘Gully Boy’ is definitely on the charts for her! 

In an exclusive interview to GoodTimes for an upcoming web series for an OTT platform, the Gully Boy director confirmed that a sequel to Gully Boy will be made! Zoya Akhtar also added that the upcoming film will not be a ‘direct sequel’, meaning as a continuation of the same storyline or narrative. “It will be based in another city and not Mumbai this time,” Zoya elaborated. However, the fact that Gully Boy‘s sequel is on Zoya’s bucket list is definitely confirmed!

Will the sequel feature street rappers of a different city? Will the star cast have Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt again, or will a new lead pair take the helm of the project? Will we get to see Siddhant Chaturvedi again on-screen, this time probably as the protagonsit? One can only wish and speculate till the project officially takes off, hopefully some time in the near future.

Watch this space for more updates! 

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  1. Faiz

    That’s a really GOOD NEWS…..!!!

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