8 Times Farhan Akhtar And Zoya Akhtar Won Throwback Posts On Instagram

It was throwback time for Farhan Akhtar, as the actor posted two pictures of himself with mother Honey Irani and Zoya Akhtar in frame, one from when they were kids and one from the present. Looking at it, it seems time hasn’t moved at all. Or has it? We were sent traversing down memory lane and turned out that there has been more than one occasion that the talented twosome have posted their memorable little childhood pictures. Check out all the pictures of the ‘blast for the past’ moments of the cute little kids Farhan and Zoya. 

1. Of The Past And The Present

2. Of Zoya And Her Mom

3. Of Baby Rockstar Farhan

4. Of Farhan’s Passport Photo Look

5. Of Babies Zoya & Farhan

6. Of The Happy Akhtar-Irani Family

7. Of Sweet Summer Memories

8. Of Cousin Time Being The Best!

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