Bollywood’s Chocolate Boy To The Hook-Up Of The Year: GT Awards Results Are Here!

Gossip, controversies, flying rumours or newfound talent in the industry, newfound love or a rekindled romance. Something is always brewing in B-Town. Something is always abuzz. 2018 has been a powerful year for the Hindi film industry. We welcomed with open arms a newcomer, we saw some fresh-pairings doing the sizzle on the silver screen, we were part of a lot of weddings as we danced to new Bollywood tunes. Bollywood always bedazzles the buffs. Our stars are always in the spotlight. Rewarded or ridiculed? Who made it?

We asked you. We ran a poll on our facebook page. And you voted for your favourite. It’s time to roll out the GT Awards! 

1. GT Newcomer Of The Year

Our Nominees – Jahnvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan

And the award goes to… Sara Ali Khan

Sara is the newcomer we have all welcomed with open arms.

2. GT Groom Of The Year

Our Nominees – Anand Ahuja, Ranveer Singh

And the award goes to… Ranveer Singh

Fashion’s wild child, Ranveer knows how to dress only to impress. His wedding looks were eclectic to say the least,  how could he not be the pick for this one?

3. GT Best On-Screen Pairing

Our Nominees – Ishan x Jahnvi, Ayushmann x Sanya

And the award goes to… Ayushmann x Sanya

Ayushmann and Sanya, this fresh pairing made our hearts flutter. We don’t need more proof! Here’s the award!

4. GT Party Song Of The Year

Our Nominees – Tareefan, Kamariya

And the award goes to… Tareefan

Kareena’s powerful moves made a comeback with this song. And to have two divas, Sonam and Kareena, set fire to our screens at the same time? We understand why this was your pick.

5. GT Best Dressed Celebrity Guest

Our Nominees – Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan

And the goes to… Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt in her Manish Malhotra ensemble for Isha Ambani’s wedding festivities looked awe-inspiring, yup.

6. GT Chocolate Boy Of The Year

Our Nominees – Vicky Kaushal, Kartik Aaryan

And the award goes to… Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan is the boy you’ve given your hearts to, girls and it is not like you could quite help that. Admire some more!

7. GT Better Series 

Our Nominees – Mirzapur, Sacred Games

And the award goes to… Sacred Games

Netflix’s first Indian series, Sacred Games is a sure-shot winner.

8. GT LOL Movie Of The Year

Our Nominees – Thugs Of Hindustan, Race 3

And the goes to… Race 3

If you like men dropping their chests bare, this movie has a punch. If not, I don’t have any reason to compel you to watch this one.

9. GT Best Remixed Song 

Our Nominees – Aankh Marey, Morni Banke

And the award goes to… Aankh Marey

Of remakes and remixes, it has been a season for new versions of classic tunes. Aankh Marey is leading all the party playlists, we see.

10. GT Hookup Of The Year 

Our Nominees – Ranbir x Alia, Arjun x Malaika

And the award goes to… Ranbir x Alia

Love found Ranbir Kapoor again. While a lot of couples made headlines this year, this couple ruled them all…We are glad your favourites are Ranbir and Alia because they are undoubtedly B-Town’s favourites too!

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