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Bollywood’s Best Dance Numbers Of 2018 For Your New Year’s Eve Playlist

We’re paying one last tribute to all the songs of 2018 that made us groove, and at the same time helping you build a kickass playlist for New Year’s Eve. So, just sit back and hit play!

1. Aankh Maare

One of the last hit numbers to release this year, this rendition to Aankh Marey is bound to get your party started!

2. Taareefan

When all the sexy ladies walk in through the door, this is the song you need to be playing!

3. Kamariya

Want to turn a peacefull get-together into a crazy party? Just stream this number and hit play!

4. Dil Chori

Yes, yes, yes – it just keeps getting better!

5. La La La 

Well, if you don’t already have it? Add it!

6. Buzz

Iss gaaney se mann nahi hai bharta – also, a great song to start easy with the dancing!

7. Dilbar

There were some really good remakes of old songs in 2018, and this was definitely one of them!

8. Chogada

In case you’re feeling slightly regional, or random!

9. Zingaat

Play this when the dancing is at its peak, and watch everyone do the hook-step like a boss!

10. Bom Diggy Diggy

Okay, now we’re tapping our feet a little bit!

11. Khalibali

Remember to do Ranveer’s steps on this song. It’s incomplete without those!

12. Morni Banke

Cuz winters is also shaadi-season feels, and the desi hearts love it!

13. Chhote Chhote Peg

We’d say it’s the last day of the year, so go all out!

14. High Rated Gabru

How can you not? This had to be the cutest song of the year!

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