Hrithik Shares Photo Of His Heart & The Internet Can’t Decide How It’s Feeling

Bollywood stars often use their social media handles to pour love toward their fans and followers. However, Hrithik Roshan took the ‘appreciation game’ to another level. 

Sharing a picture of a human heart which presumably is the actor’s own, Hrithik Roshan shares, “The shape of my heart. Literally. How vulnerable we all are. Wish we didn’t need to spend more than half our lives unconsciously trying so hard to be loved by everyone all the time. So easily we forget that we are all the same. Made of love.”

Quick to react, the fans had a rather confused reaction. While somebody said, “Bro you gotta get that checked it’s supposed to be like ❤️ this”, another fan wrote, “Looks healthy❤️”.

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