‘I Stole A Perfume & Red Lipstick Once’, Jacqueline Fernandez Recalls

Whenever we spot an actress going out and making a public appearance, it is assumed that she would look perfect! With make-up or without, her look is scrutinised to the tee. Especially so in the digital age, when the ‘zoom’ feature is so easily available in our phones, perfection is taken for granted! The actresses, who are continuously being photographed by the media are expected to look flawless without any blemishes or imperfections. But how do the actresses keep up with the times and maintain their looks for days at end? Read on!

Recently the very happy-go-lucky Jacqueline Fernandez opened up about the pressure to always look good.

We can’t be in makeup & hair and styling 24*7. There are days when we’re going to the gym or coming out of a salon, or we’re going to just a friend’s place; or if we’re not feeling well!

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Jacqueline talked about the times that she was clicked when she was coming out of the hospital, and it was not an experience that she recalls in a pleasant way.

I’ve had paps click me as I was coming out of the hospital, obviously looking sick! But, its not something that anyone would welcome with open arms… I don’t agree with being ‘papped’ everywhere, I think that people should respect each other’s privacy.

Jacqueline strongly believes that makeup is an art, and one can not assess art as being good or bad. “Its everyone’s own choice,” said Jacqueline.

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She loves make-up and shared an incident from her childhood, when she stole a perfume and a red lipstick from her mother’s vanity kit. She also revealed that she preferred a ‘red’ pout over a ‘nude’ pout. On being asked which actor she likes with make-up on, she said, “I love Hrithik Roshan in bronzing!”

Check out her recent interview with GoodTimes!

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