Watch: Janhvi Kapoor Bakes A Carrot Cake, Sister Khushi Says She Doesn’t Like It

Actor Janhvi Kapoor has been up to a lot amidst the ongoing nationwide lockdown. From introspecting to reminiscing, Janhvi has constantly been posting updates for her fans and followers, the latest being an Insta story where her younger sister Khushi rejects a carrot cake baked by her. 

So in her latest Instagram story, actor Janhvi Kapoor offers her sister Khushi some carrot cake baked by her. The latter, who’s watching the film Welcome, in bed, doesn’t seem too convinced as she takes the cake from Janhvi. ‘It’s my special carrot cake’, Janhvi says. ‘But what’s in it?’ Khushi asks. ‘Just eat it and tell me if you like it’, Janhvi continues. ‘It’s good’, says Khushi, still not too sure about what she’s eating. ‘Really? Eat more’, Janhvi exclaims. ‘I don’t like it’, Khushi confesses, as she puts it away!

Watch Janhvi and Khushi’s banter, below.

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