Kabir Singh’s Character Inspired By Shahid Kapoor’s Own Heartbreak & Self-Destructive Moments?

Shahid Kapoor likes getting under the skin of his character, playing the eponymous Kabir Singh, the self-destructive surgeon, the actor admitted to having taken a leaf out of his own life.
The actor shared that much like his character he has gone through his own share of self-destruction after a heartbreak. “I’ve had my intense, self-destructive, heartbreak and angsty moments, where I’ve not been in control,” Shahid told PTI.

Kapoor also added that ‘Kabir Singh’ is a phase in everyone’s life while some people are explosive about how they’re feeling, some keep it within.

That feeling of falling apart and self-destruction, for not being able to deal with loss… Only from great love, comes great anger. He is a phase in everyone’s life and that how I connected with the character

“You have to channelise all kinds of negative emotions and turn them into positive, otherwise they can take you down, heartbreak being one of them. You’ve to learn channelising these energies and if you can’t, you become Kabir Singh!” said Shahid Kapoor.

After the lukewarm response to his last Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Shahid hopes to hit bulls eye with this high power drama Kabir Singh promises to be.

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