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Kajol’s Character ‘Simran’ In DDLJ Was A Serial Hugger, Here’s Proof!

As much as we love Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, we couldn’t help but notice – after 23 years – that Kajol’s character ‘Simran’ loved hugs! Like she hugs everyone in the film, except Kuljeet, of course, ‘coz he was just weird. Don’t believe us, here’s proof!

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So here, she’s hugging her dad to get permission for a month-long Eurorail trip with her friends. She says she needs the trip before she gets married, like a bachelorette of sorts; and that she will live her life in that one month. Sweet move, quite literally!

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Remember Raj and Simran’s ‘We-Had-Sex-Last-Night-I’m-Kidding-We-Didn’t-Come-Here-You-F*%$Boi Hug’?

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So here she’s hugging her mommy, because she’s about to get married, but she don’t wanna. She’s sad, and wants to go back to London, because Raj is actually the love of her life!

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And then comes the iconic hug that gave us the ultimate #couplegoals. Because Raj actually turns up at her village in Punjab, because he loves her too! Ye hug toh bantaa hai!

Last, but not the least – you can see Simran giving a tight hug to her sister here, when she tells her that she’d rather have Simran marry Raj, and not Kuljeet, coz again, Kuljeet is kinda doltish.

Can you think of any other ‘hugging’ scenes of Simran? Don’t forget to share ’em with us in the comments section below.

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