Kalki Says Motherhood Is Hard To Describe To Those Who Don’t Have Kids

Caught in a conversation with GOODTiMES, Kalki Koechlin gets candid on how motherhood has been treating her so far. She further reveals how she’s been spending her time in lockdown with her new born baby and partner Guy Hersberg.

Kalki Koechlin wishes her mother would stop treating her like she’s a five-year-old. A mother herself now, she says, “But I realised that’s impossible.”

Adding, “I didn’t know what to expect, really. A child. But, I never knew what to expect. The progresses that happen every week, the smiles, the talking, all of those things are really exciting. And it’s hard to describe to people who haven’t had kids.”

When a fan asked Kalki Koechlin for some encouragement on becoming a mother, she said, “There’s nothing like it. It’s hard, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s a full time job in the beginning, it’s really really tough. But it makes you believe in the world again. It makes you want to look at how humans, where we came from and you know, now whenever I think about a person I don’t like or person I have trouble liking or you know, getting along with, I just think of them as a baby. Once they were a baby, they were innocent. And life has just been tough on them. So, it really reminds you of where we started from and how we can make a beautiful world if we just remember where we came from.”

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