Kangana At War With Bollywood; Says She Will Expose Every One In The Industry

Tight-lipped? Not at all“I don’t want my life to become a cautionary tale, but an inspiration for young girls and for that I will survive and succeed.” Kangana Ranaut had said in an interview back in 2017.

From days when her illicit love affair with Aditya Pancholi was making the headlines, to Hrithik Roshan slapping a legal notice on Kangana – a lot has happened between, before and after! Allegations, clarifications, counter-accusations, Kangana Ranaut has always been surrounded by a cloud.

The actress has often complained about the underside of Bollywood. The industry has goaded her into a fight. Karan Johar may believe in bloodlines and such talents, but Kangana signalizes the unacceptable face of nepotism. Well, it is not just Bollywood’s feudalistic nature, what upsets the actress the most are the ties of convenience.

Be it Sonu Sood’s sudden exit from the film or the photo that went viral with Kangana’s name on the clapboad as director, her recent release, Manikarnika had been churning up in news way before it was unveiled on the silver screen.

Controversy latches on Kangana wherever she goes. What’s happening now? After targeting Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt for not coming out in support of her film, Manikarnika, the actress is holding the whole industry in contempt. Her issue – a fraternity that usually comes in support for each other’s film, has been unusually quiet when it came to Kangana’s Manikarnika.

 Now in a fury, Kangana has threatened to expose Bollywood. “Earlier, I used to stand up against sexism, pay disparity and nepotism in Bollywood but now, I will expose everybody. One thing is for sure that they have called for trouble by ganging up against me,” she said.

Kangana labelled Bollywood celebrities as shameless and believes they are bullying her for speaking up. “Is the Queen of Jhansi my relative? She is yours as much as she is mine… then why are these people hesitating?”

She accused the fraternity members of ‘ganging up together like a classroom of kids because she spoke up about nepotism’.

Meanwhile, Manikarnika is running steady at the box-office. Based on the legendary queen whose depiction feels fake to the critics, the movie release on January 25th, 2019.

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