‘Kehti Hoon Aasmaan Ek Dhokha Hai’: Kangana Turns Her Lockdown Thoughts Into Poetry

After actors Salman and Shah Rukh Khan turned singers in lockdown, Kangana Ranaut has now penned her thoughts down into poetry, that she has also read out in a video.

Kangana’s poem is called Aasmaan, and brings forth the many questions one may have in the way things are and in the way they are perceived. All of this could be true or it could all be an illusion says Kangana when she starts with ‘Kehti Hoon Aasmaan Ek Dhokha Hai’.

Yet another treasure from Kangana Ranaut’s innumerable talents, Aasmaan has been penned, directed and features the actress. Watch the full video below!

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