Police Complaint Filed Against Kangana Ranaut After She Supports Sister Rangoli’s Tweet

Bollywood’s controversy ‘Queen’, actress Kangana Ranaut seems to have landed herself in a soup, yet again. This time, for coming out in support of her sister Rangoli Chandel, whose Twitter account recently got suspended for alleged hate speech.

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Remember, Designer Farah Khan Ali had reported actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account, and got it suspended for ‘violating the Twitter rules’. “I reported this because she targeted a specific community and called for them to be shot along with liberal media and compared herself to the Nazis”, Farah Khan Ali said in a tweet.

Responding to Farah’s allegation, Kangana said, in a video message, that Rangoli had said that people who have attacked doctors and police personnel should be shot dead, and her tweet was not community-specific, as alleged by Farah Ali Khan and Reema Kagti. Kangana made sure to mention that Farah is the sister of Sussanne Khan, who is the ex-wife of Hrithik Roshan, and is on very good terms with the actor.

A complaint was later filed by Mumbai-based advocate Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh, stating ‘It is pertinent to note that one sister calls for genocide killings, violence and the other sister not just support her for the same despite nationwide criticism and suspension of her Twitter account but also gives a label of terrorist to a sect.’ He further accused the two sisters of ‘misusing their stardom, fanbase, fame, money, power and influence with an aim and intent to promote hatred, disbalance, fights in the country for their personal benefits and gains’.

Kangana, however, challenged accusers in the video, that if anyone can find a tweet where Rangoli says anything offensive, “then we both will publicly apologize”. Listen to Kangana’s full message, below.

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