Star Kid Karan Deol Reveals How Being Bullied Affected Him Emotionally & Mentally

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is nearing its release. The film is Sunny Deol’s first venture as a producer that his son Karan Deol is also making his acting debut in. The actor opened up about the struggles and obstacles that he faced in his childhood – which included being bullied in school.

Karan Deol said-

I didn’t have it easy as a kid, and while growing up I faced my own issues because of bullying which happens in schools. It still happens and its something that you have to face yourself and kind of tackle. At that age, you don’t understand why they’re saying it or why they’re doing it but then later on you understand that maybe that kid was growing through something and he didn’t realise that it was affecting you at an emotional or mental level. So you can’t really blame anyone per se for it.

Karan further said that the experience made him feel that he wasn’t good enough, and that this held true for every kid who has been bullied.

It’s not even for me, if there’s another kid in the back bench who’s quiet and shy and who’s been attacked besides me, you start not wanting to tackle those dreams because from inside you begin to feel you aren’t good enough. So you begin to reserve yourself and you begin to have that self-doubt which is not right for any kid. Because you don’t know what that kid might be special at, he might be brilliant, but you made him go into that hole and then he will end up not wanting to take up those avenues.

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The actor further said that it wasn’t right, and sooner or later, he took a stand. I kind of stood up to it because as you get older you can’t run away from it. You have to face it. So I faced it and it made me emotionally and mentally stronger and it made me the person I am today. So it was my own journey to where I am today.

The film releases on September 20. Watch the full interview here-

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