Every Morning I Wake Up To Abuse: Karan Johar On Homophobia In India

Karan Johar was recently a part of Arbaaz Khan’s talk show as he opened up about dealing with insensitive comments. Read through!

Karan Johar had first opened up about his sexuality in his autobiography, titled An Unsuitable Boy. After which, he has not shied away from talking about his sexuality. He said, “You can talk about me, but don’t make it sound like I have a disease or something is wrong with me and I should shut up because you think I am gay. Then you should shut up because you have no life. That’s the way I look at it.”

Initially, when I used to get it (trolling), I used to deal with it by being upset and angry. Then it went into a state of indifference, and now I am in a state of glorious amusement. Every morning I wake up to abuse, and it amuses me.

Talking further about the subject on Arbaaz’s talk show, Karan said, “It is my prerogative to talk about my life, my sexuality, my orientation. It is up to me. What I have a problem with is that there’s a level of homophobia and that really bothers me because that to me is sick. I mean you can talk about what you think my sexuality is, that is your prerogative, but if you are commenting and making gay sound bad that’s when I have a problem because that means you have a sick mind, an uninformed mind, and an uneducated thought process.”

Karan Johar was recently caught in conversation with DJ Snake, who is in Mumbai for his concert tour.

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