Karan Johar Shares Photo With Grey Hair & Netizens Cannot Relate More!

‘Black, white and grey’, wrote filmmaker Karan Johar, as he shared a photo of his hair without colour. At a time when celebrities are busy posting workout and baking videos, Karan Johar went all out, flaunting his greying hair and ageing skin, and followers could not help, but relate. 

Karan, who has been sharing videos of everyday things with his twins, Roohi and Yash, while in lockdown, recently shared a video in which his daughter points at him and says, ‘your hair is white, you’re like a buddha (old man)’. And soon after, Karan Johar posted a photo of his quarantine-look.

‘Black, white and grey’, he wrote unapologetically – inspiring many in the same boat as him to embrace the way they look and feel at the moment.

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