Karan Johar Is About To Have A ‘Wild Wild Conversation’ With This Personality

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who is also a successful host of a celebrity chat show, getting Bollywood stars to spill all the gossip and getting crushes to controversies out in the open – is set to host a similar conversation soon with Ma Anand Sheela, about which he posted on his Instagram profile-

Ma Anand Sheela is the guru who was said to be Osho’s right hand person in creating what was touted to be the biggest spiritual cult in the United States. With her origins in India, Ma Anand Sheela’s life has inspired a Netflix series called Wild Wild Country. Karan Johar referenced this in his Instagram post, as he wrote, “Excited about this conversation with #MaAnandSheela!! This one is poised to be a wild wild conversation!”

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Actress Priyanka Chopra had revealed that she would be playing Ma Anand Sheela, in what would be her fourth Hollywood outing, directed by Barry Levinson, which she would also be co-producing. But the film’s shooting is currently delayed, as the script is still in the finalising stages.

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