Kareena Kapoor Reveals The One Thing That Annoys Her The Most About Saif Ali Khan

What initially began as a fling on the sets of their film ‘Tashan’, eventually transitioned into a beautiful courtship followed by, of course, a great marriage! Saif and Kareena have been together a good ten years, and married seven. In a recent appearance on a talk show, Kareena revealed the one thing that Saif does that annoys her the most. 

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Speaking to Faye D’Souza for Romedy Now, Kareena Kapoor Khan says the first thing that Saif Ali Khan says to anything that she suggests is the word ‘No’.

His first instant reaction to anything is ‘No’. I’m like ‘Saif, what to do you want to do? Should we like try and step out?’ His reaction is, ‘No’. ‘Can I like reupholster the sofa’. ‘No’. And then suddenly three hours later he messages me and says, ‘Yeah, I think you should reupholster the sofa.’ So I’m like ‘when I’m telling you why do you always say no’. I think that’s just like a thing. He has to say no first and then he kinda comes around.

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The actress says that the two of them are very social, but they don’t like to go out and socialise at film parties. Saif, too, doesn’t want to go because he knows he can’t lie, so he avoids going entirely. Moreover, Kareena says they don’t have too many friends in the industry, as she says, “Not too many friends in the film-film circle, even though it’s quite strange because both of us are inherently film-film.”

So what is an average evening like in the Pataudi household? “He is reading, lots of candles are lit. Our dinner’s always early, we like to eat in early so like by 7:30 or 8.” She added, “In fact 3 times a week, he will be like let’s cook, let’s have a bottle of wine and chat and that’s our kind of catch-up, with Taimur running around. We are playing with him and sitting.”

Kareena is also reportedly looking for an ideal script in which she can romance husband Saif. A source revealed to a leading daily that the duo haven’t worked together after Kurbaan in 2009, and that she would love to have a script in which they could work together.

Want to know more about their relationship? Watch the full video here.

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